Griff shares new single, ‘Anything’

Sabrina Carpenter tour, Taylor Swift show + headline tour also confirmed

Debut album, vertigo, out July 19th on Warner Music

“Griff exists in the lineage of Lorde’s hyper-specific and emotional lyricism, as well as Taylor Swift’s knack for a killer hook” – Rolling Stone

Magnificently bombastic” – The Guardian
“A magnified, full-bodied sound that has progressed in step with Griff’s own growth…sends Griff’s voice to the stars” – NME
Recalls Robyn in its devastating one-two of euphoria and melancholy” – Sunday Times

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Pre-order vertigo: https://griff.lnk.to/vertigoalbum

Griff has today shared anthemic new single, ‘Anything’, taken from her much-anticipated debut album vertigo (out July 19th on Warner Music). Having been hand-picked to open for Taylor Swift at her upcoming Wembley Stadium residency (June 22nd), Griff has also just been announced to open for Sabrina Carpenter around the US later this year. Griff’s vertigo world tour continues this summer, with intimate in-store events surrounding release recently-added and a London show at the iconic Alexandra Palace set to follow on November 13th.

‘Anything’ explodes the bargaining-phase of a formative relationship, its epic synths and locomotive drums driving home the lesson (unbeknownst to the narrator) that you need only ever be enough for yourself. Dramatic but euphoric, it’s a perfect preview of Griff’s debut album vertigo, which documents the trial-and-error process of growing up but always hinges on knowing yourself first. “Anything’ is about the idea that you would go to any length to make someone care for you, but they don’t realise the power they hold,” Griff comments. “At a young age I think there’s often a bit of imbalance, and I wanted the song to capture the intensity of those young relationships.”


Before Griff’s debut album had a name – or its titular first single, even – it had a feeling: vertigo. That pit-of-your-stomach, up-is-down sense that the world is spinning faster than you can keep up with, and your own place in it has never felt less secure. It’s a journey of self-discovery that Griff has taken fans on ever since, building the three volumes of her landmark project in real-time and weaving songs that resonated with the vertigo arc into work that moves through melancholy and fear into healing and joy. A coming-of-age album shaped for complex times, vertigo witnesses Griff scaling new creative heights and – as she joins Taylor and Sabrina on tour – cement her promise as the next-up of UK Pop.


With a 360-approach on everything from production, fashion and design to the spiral motif long connecting vertigo in plain sight – right down to her signature hair style – Griff’s debut album turns the tumultuousness of young adulthood into a source of power. Recent single ‘Miss Me Too’ is a euphoric, existential banger about the little-discussed irony of losing confidence as you supposedly grow older and wiser, and was accompanied by a beautifully choreographed video physically exorcizing such emotions. Throughout the record, the BRITs Rising Star winner draws on her sideways origin-story, from her unorthodox Chinese-Jamaican outsider-status growing up to launching an international music career from the confines of her bedroom. That tenacious, no-nonsense talent always wise beyond her years also sounds – crucially – like she is living: free of expectation, and moving through a world in which there is no one way to make your debut album or to be yourself.


Check out full track-list for vertigo below, catch Griff live on tour later this year, and stay tuned for more to follow soon.

Vertigo artwork

  1. ‘Vertigo’
  2. ‘Miss Me Too’
  3. ‘Into The Walls’
  4. ‘19th Hour’
  5. ‘Astronaut’
  6. ‘Anything’
  7. ‘Pillow In My Arms’
  8. ‘Cycles’
  9. ‘Tears For Fun’
  10. ‘Hiding Alone’
  11. ‘Hole In My Pocket’
  12. ‘Everlasting’
  13. ‘So Fast’
  14. ‘Where Did You Go’