Murder Capital Crane Lane Theatre – Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Crane Lane Offer Begin?

The annoucement for the Murder Capital Crane Lane Album Launch Party is Tuesday, December 13th at 10am.

How and when will I receive confirmation of my place at the event?

If you have purchased “Gigi’s Recovery” or filled out the No Purchase Necessary form, you will be notified.

Am I guaranteed access to the event?

Access will be first come, first served so you are not guaranteed access. This is due to capacity and demand.

If I place more than one order, will I get additional access?

No, each customer will be only granted access once.

What if I buy from a different retailer or store, do I qualify for early access to tickets?

No. To qualify for access to the event, you must purchase from the Music Zone in Cork ( either online or in store. If you purchase from another retailer, you will not be eligible to access the event.

What if I have more questions about early access or my order?

Contact if you have a question related to your order or the launch event.